Colin Neagle

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Colin is a marketing manager for Enel X North America and editor-in-chief of the EnergySMART blog.


Ontario Energy Storage Basics: What is the Industrial Conservation Initiative, and Why Does it Matter?

Ontario businesses face some of the highest electricity costs in North America. Thanks to the Industrial Conservation Initiative, they have options to take control of these costs. This article provides background on the ICI and how businesses can take advantage of it.

New York City’s Bigger Blackout Threat, and the Evolving Role of Distributed Energy Storage

Shortly after a high-profile power outage, New York City endured a bigger threat to grid reliability—an extreme heat wave. As New York looks to mitigate this risk, energy storage is playing an increasingly valuable role.

Live Q&A: Submit Your Questions on Energy Storage, Solar-Plus-Storage

You have questions about energy storage. We have answers.

Q&A: Breaking Down California's Energy Storage Opportunity

We caught up with an expert to learn more about what makes for a successful energy storage project in California.

Webinar: Solving 3 Common Challenges to Earning Demand Response Payments with Backup Generators

While facilities with backup generators can often earn substantial payments through demand response, many miss this opportunity due to three common challenges. This webinar will break down the financing options helping C&I energy consumers solve these challenges, improve their generators' performance, and maximize their earnings.

Ontario Energy Storage Calculator: See How Much Your Organization Can Save

Energy storage is a big opportunity in Ontario. Our new interactive calculator tool is designed to help Ontario businesses understand how big it could be for them.

Inside the Launch of Ameren Missouri's New Demand Response Program

Through its new demand response program, Ameren Missouri is offering large commercial and industrial customers incentive payments for reducing energy consumption temporarily when called upon. We caught up with an expert to get the details behind the program.

How the Polar Vortex Affected Energy Markets in the Midwest

Last week's polar vortex caused energy price spikes and reliability issues in the Midwest, but also revealed some signs of progress for the region's energy infrastructure.

Whitepaper: What to Expect from Energy Markets in 2019

In their year-ahead energy market outlook, Enel X North America's Intelligence and Analytics team breaks down the key market issues that could affect energy consumers in 2019 and beyond.

Changes to California's Utility Rates are Disrupting the Economics of Commercial and Industrial Solar

This excerpt from our new whitepaper breaks down why California's utilities are changing their time-of-use rate schedules, as well as the impact on the state's commercial and industrial energy consumers.