Demand Energy Joins the EnerNOC Family: What This Means for You

Demand Energy has officially merged with Enel X, bringing two Enel Group companies together under the same brand. We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Demand Energy and lay out our vision for the future.

Founded in 2008 and led by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs from the telecom, utility, and renewable energy industries, Demand Energy was acquired by the Enel Group in January 2017. To date, the company has provided a complete turnkey solution combining hardware, software, and services to deploy and optimize the economic performance of energy storage and other distributed energy resources (DERs) at speed and scale on both sides of the utility meter. The key to this platform is the best-in-class software platform, Distributed Energy Network Optimization System—referred to as DER Optimization Software—bringing intelligence and economic optimization technology to energy storage and DERs.

For commercial and industrial enterprises investing in behind-the-meter energy storage, DER Optimization Software optimizes the deployment of multiple value streams, such as demand-side management and renewable energy firming, across on-site DERs. DER Optimization Software analyzes the building’s energy consumption patterns alongside external information, such as tariffs, demand response programs, or time-of-use schedules, and seamlessly transitions the building’s energy load onto DERs to optimize on the opportunities available.

This enables commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations to leverage energy storage and other DERs to improve resiliency and sustainability while also reducing utility costs and participating in demand response and demand management incentive programs. For example, large energy users in New York and Ontario, Canada, have leveraged DER Optimization Software to maximize ROI on energy storage through strategic demand-side management, while others rely on it to maintain operations in areas where the grid is unstable. You can learn more about the full extent of the possibilities here.

Enel X’s mission has always been to change the way the world uses energy. Together, under the umbrella of the Enel Group, our combined talent, expertise, and technology will improve our ability to accomplish our goals. We couldn't be more excited for the future.

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Authored By The Enel X Team