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Energy Intelligence Team

The Energy Intelligence team provides talent and knowledge to our customers by making the complexity of energy management simple.


Enel X Successfully Advocates for Demand Response Changes During Pandemic

Demand response (DR) is a critical resource in maintaining grid stability, but operations for many DR participants have been affected by coronavirus. Enel X recognized the need for changes to ensure demand response programs can adapt to the new landscape.

Purchasing Strategies in the Current and Post Covid-19 Energy Market

The energy markets, particularly oil, have been devastated by COVID-19’s impact on consumer and industrial demand. Because slumping natural gas prices had already depressed electric prices prior to the pandemic, recent demand erosion on the power grids has brought real-time prices to record lows.

How to Stay on Course to Meet Your Renewable Energy Goals

While the coronavirus continues to spread and challenge our way of life, a bright spot emerged recently when the International Energy Agency (IEA) published data for the first quarter of 2020.

COVID-19 Reminds Us How Important it is to Plan for Downside Scenarios

Enel X examines why organizations that focus on building resilient energy systems are most likely to prosper during unexpected downside scenarios like COVID-19.

What Our Internal Data Shows About Coronavirus Impacts

Enel X provides an inside look at internal data to show how the effects of coronavirus are being felt across individual sectors.

Energy Market Analysis for March 2020

In our commentaries, our analyst team breaks down the previous month in both U.S. and international energy markets. Find out our latest insights in the reports.

Energy Market Analysis for February 2020

Every month our analyst team breaks down the latest news in both U.S. and international energy markets. Find out our latest insights in the reports below.

New FERC Order Directs PJM to Expand Minimum Offer Price Rule; Uncertainty Ensues

Learn about the impacts of the new FERC order that directs PJM to expand its current minimum offer price rule (MOPR).

Three Strategies to Manage Increasing Risk in ISO-NE

Join this webinar to learn about the risks shifting to New England energy consumers and the best options to manage expense and budget volatility.

Energy Procurement Insights for October 2019: See What's Driving Prices in Your Region

Our Energy Intelligence team breaks down the latest developments affecting energy prices in each major market across the US and Mexico this month.