Enel X Successfully Advocates for Demand Response Changes During Pandemic

The state of New York, and New York City especially, have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. As the state and the city consider the best path to reopening, this summer’s energy demand levels remain unpredictable. Demand response (DR) is a critical resource in maintaining grid stability, but operations for many DR participants have been affected by coronavirus.

Enel X recognized the need for changes to ensure demand response programs can adapt to the new landscape. On behalf of our customers, we worked with other members of the Advanced Energy Management Alliance (AMEA) and successfully petitioned the NY Public Utilities Commission to enact program modifications for the 2020 DR season, including:

  • Relaxed enrollment deadlines: The enrollment deadline for this year is extended to June 1, 2020 for participation beginning July 1, 2020. Customers that wish to participate but cannot meet the June 1st enrollment deadline may participate as voluntary resources (not eligible for monthly reservation payments)
  • Flexible nominations: Enrollment values – the amount of energy participants agree to curtail during an event – may be adjusted from their current levels for the remainder of the season if submitted by June 1st to be effective for July-Sept 
  • Delayed program tests: Utilities directed not to call program tests until July 1st at the earliest
  • Provisional enrollment for customers experiencing meter installation delays: For customers that have utility interval meters installed, but communications have either not yet been established or have been disrupted, utilities will allow provisional enrollment. Payments for these customers will be withheld until data is obtained and verified. 

“Enel X is proud to contribute to the efforts to make common sense reforms to New York’s utility demand response programs,” said Greg Geller, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs at Enel North America. “Enel is advocating on behalf of customers in New York and around the country to ensure they can maximize their demand response participation. We’re grateful to the New York Public Service Commission for incorporating industry’s feedback and issuing an Order that will increase DR participation.”

Casey Erisman, Account Manager for New York City at Enel X, said that customers are relieved about the changes.

“Our customers are resilient and doing great things to navigate their business and employees through this period,” Erisman said. “Some have seen significant changes in day to day operations, and as a result faced uncertainty with demand response participation.”

“We’re glad the Public Utilities Commission has enacted these changes, which will allow many of these customers to continue participating in DR and supporting the grid, and we look forward to helping customers implement plans in reaction to these changes.”

Authored By The Enel X Energy Intelligence Team

The Energy Intelligence team provides talent and knowledge to our customers by making the complexity of energy management simple.

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