Energy Intelligence Just Got Smarter

Understanding the value of energy intelligence software (EIS) is simple—bringing all of your energy consumption and cost data into one platform helps you find anomalies and improves your ability to make informed energy management decisions. But what if you're running from one property to another and don’t have time to dig into the data? What if you have 10 different facility managers who cover a variety of buildings and asset types? How do you quickly find those anomalies and get your team to prioritize and take action?

After spending hours with our customers and learning more about how they use EIS, we recognized that we had an incredible opportunity to make EIS even better at reducing the amount of time needed to resolve critical issues and easier to access on-the-go. So we developed a whole new suite of features, focused on surfacing priority information and improving communication across teams.

“Show Me!”

Now that I have you all excited, let me give you a peek at some of the new features.

We redesigned the software’s homepage, making it simpler to find all of your relevant energy information and tools like analytics and alerts.

At the top of the new homepage we’ve put what we call “Urgent Row”, which lets you access simple and relevant information quickly. It refreshes daily to highlight facilities with the greatest kWh consumption increase.

new features full

We also improved mobile functionality, so you can access and share all of your relevant information on-the-go.

new features 1

Keep your eyes out for an email from Enel X giving you access to these new features designed to help you and your team save time and prioritize where you focus your attention.

For more on another exciting new feature, check-out our blog post on Weather Normalization.

Want to see more features? Take a tour in our self-serve demo.
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Authored By Jessica McNulty