Energy Market Analysis for March 2020

In our commentaries, our analyst team breaks down the previous month in both U.S. and international energy markets. Find out our latest insights in the reports below.

New York – March 2020 Monthly Commentary: Learn why ConEd gas and electric rates are set to increase through 2022, why Zone J rolling strips hit a 5-year low, and more.

New England – March 2020 Monthly Commentary: The ISO-NE peak hour for 2019 has been finalized. Find out what the announcement means for customers this upcoming summer, why ISO-NE power for winter delivery reached a 10-year low, and more.

Mid-Atlantic – March 2020 Monthly Commentary: Find out why Virginia is now headed toward 100% clean energy, and learn the implications of Dominion Energy’s recent filing to reduce the fuel rate

Midwest– March 2020 Monthly Commentary: MISO renewables and storage MWs are on the rise. Find out what that means for customers in regulated areas.

Mexico – March 2020 Monthly Commentary: Find out why the CFE rates increased 0.65% and 0.57% in March, the implications of nine new projects in the Mexican Southeast, and more.

California– March 2020 Monthly Commentary: The SPP has filed its proposed tariff with FERC for its Western Energy Imbalance Services Market. Learn the consequences of that and other major events in this month’s commentary.

Texas – March 2020 Monthly Commentary: Find out why summer 2020 demand is expected to reach 76,696 MW, and more.

Authored By The Enel X Energy Intelligence Team

The Energy Intelligence team provides talent and knowledge to our customers by making the complexity of energy management simple.

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