EnerNOC and the Enel Group: Looking Ahead

Now that Enel X is officially joining the Enel Group, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Enel X to the team and discuss the vision that we have for our future together.

Going forward, Enel X’s products, services, and—most importantly—talent and innovative workforce will join the Enel Group’s Global e-Solutions business unit in the pursuit of shaping the future of energy. While we’re just getting started, our aligned mission gives us a strong foundation for the future. This combination unites two companies with complementary visions for the world’s energy future and a shared passion for creating cleaner and more efficient energy markets, while also contributing to a sustainable business for future generations.

As we enter this next phase of our history, I want to acknowledge and thank Tim Healy and David Brewster for doing what few founders are able to do: taking a company from start up through IPO and building it into a world-class, global leader. The team they assembled over the years represents the absolute best and brightest in the energy industry. I am confident our leadership teams will work together effectively to achieve new levels of success.

The addition of Enel X’s expertise will enable Enel to better guide and serve our customers as we navigate through the radical transformation underway in the energy world. In the nearly two decades since entering the market, Enel X has built innovative solutions to help commercial and industrial businesses, utilities, and even the demand response industry itself navigate these kinds of challenges, create value from their energy resources, and maintain a stable, reliable electricity grid. These experiences have fostered a culture of innovation, expertise, and relentlessness that is deeply ingrained within Enel X.

One of the key advantages of bringing Enel X into the Enel Group is that the potential of the resulting combined talent is far greater than that of each on its own. Working together, we will create a better—not just bigger—company that will provide our customers with a more comprehensive suite of energy services.

The finalization of the acquisition is just the beginning of a journey to bring together the best of both Enel and Enel X. I couldn't be any prouder than I am today to lead this organization as we take this monumental step forward together.

Authored By Francesco Venturini

Francesco Venturini is the Chief Executive Officer of Enel X.

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