EnerNOC is Becoming Enel X. Here's What That Means for You

In August 2017 EnerNOC was acquired by the Enel Group, one of the world’s largest energy companies and a leading innovator in renewable energy and smart energy technologies. The acquisition was part of the Enel Group’s broader efforts to provide value-added services to help energy consumers solve their challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the evolving energy economy.

Enel X is the culmination of those efforts, a new business line dedicated to accomplishing that mission, launched at the global level in November 2017. As of October 1, EnerNOC will officially transition to Enel X.

For our customers and partners, becoming Enel X is much more than a name change. It means we will continue to provide the solutions and services that our customers have embraced for nearly two decades. But it also means we now have access to a broader range of global resources, expertise, and technologies to solve our customers’ most complex energy challenges.

For our customers and partners who have worked with us for demand response, energy procurement services, energy intelligence software, and utility bill management solutions, the primary difference is that they can now explore new opportunities, such as energy storage, on-site power generation solutions like solar photovoltaics, and electric vehicle charging optimization solutions. Fully operating as Enel X means we can connect our customers to the right solutions for them with a deep understanding of how they will integrate with their existing energy, operational, risk management, and sustainability efforts.

To help explain what the transition will mean for you, we compiled answers to some frequently asked questions.

See what the transition to Enel X means for our customers, partners, and the energy industry at large.
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For additional insight into the vision for Enel X’s future, check out this recent article where Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini reflects on the key lessons he’s learned in the first year building Enel X into a new business. Also, this overview will help you understand what Enel X can do for you.

Authored By Sarah McAuley

Sarah's been bleeding Enel X blue since 2007 and currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing.

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