The Hidden Impacts of Renewable Energy Purchasing on Your Energy Strategy [Webinar]

Driven by recent technological breakthroughs and an evolving marketplace making it easier than ever to invest, the financial rewards are making renewable energy more attractive to businesses than ever.

For example, large industrial businesses that traditionally pay for electricity at lower rates due to their high consumption are still finding opportunities to save money by purchasing renewable energy. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Andrew Winston—an expert on enterprise environmental strategy and co-author of the recently released strategy brief with Enel X and PwC—explained that businesses that fail to explore renewable energy are likely losing money as a result.

"Almost every company that I talk to, regardless of sector, is finding [renewable] deals at or below their current energy prices," Winston wrote.

To fully unlock this value, you’ll also need to understand the full impact of renewable energy. How is your organization equipped to mitigate risk? Are you missing any opportunities?

These "hidden" effects of introducing renewables to your energy procurement strategy will be the focus of the discussion in an upcoming live webinar between experts from Enel X and PwC. On Wednesday, August 31 from 1-2 pm ET, John duPont, P.E. LEED AP, Principal, Distributed Energy Resources at Enel X, and Ezequiel Hart, Director of PwC’s Sustainable Business Solutions unit, will discuss:

  1. What your power purchase agreement (PPA) means to your portfolio as a long-term fixed price hedge
  2. Why the correlation of your facility load and renewable generation matters
  3. How and when to adjust your energy purchases now that you've bought a renewable PPA

Beyond providing new ways to cut operational costs or hedge against price variability in the markets, renewable energy is becoming a valuable option for satisfying the demand to show progress in sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions from investors, customers, and regulators. Whether your business is still testing the waters or has already invested in renewable energy, understanding the full impact on your business is essential to implementing a successful energy procurement strategy.

See how buying renewable energy can affect savings, risk, and sustainability with this on-demand webinar.
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Authored By Colin Neagle

Colin is a marketing manager for Enel X North America and editor-in-chief of the EnergySMART blog.

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