How to Streamline Sustainability Reporting for Your Commercial Buildings

Commercial real estate businesses are under rising pressure to report their sustainability efforts. Customers are putting more consideration into buildings’ ENERGY STAR and LEED scores, investors are pushing for relevant sustainability data from GRESB, and new regulations on commercial buildings’ energy use seem to emerge every week.

While the business case for sustainability reporting is as clear as it’s ever been, actually fulfilling these demands can get overwhelming. Each building has its own energy needs, and may be subject to different industry standards and local ordinances on energy efficiency. Your operations and facilities teams are too preoccupied with their day-to-day responsibilities to devote significant time to data mining and reporting. Without the right tools, your organization’s reporting processes might be missing opportunities to get the full credit for your progress on energy management and sustainability. Your reporting processes need to be accurate, comprehensive, and easy to manage.

That’s why Goby is partnering with Enel X. For CRE businesses using energy intelligence software to identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve efficiency and cut costs, Goby’s cloud-based platform seamlessly aggregates utility data to streamline benchmarking and certifications across the portfolio. Goby’s Sustainability Consultants group leverages this technology to help improve results.

With Enel X’s energy intelligence software, your business can:

  • Identify opportunities to cut energy costs and optimize operations
  • Coordinate project management to prioritize these opportunities and manage maintenance requests proactively
  • Centralize energy data for buildings across your entire portfolio

And with Goby’s sustainability reporting solutions, you can:

  • Reduce time spent capturing, analyzing, and reporting portfolio-wide sustainability data
  • Integrate directly with ENERGY STAR, GRESB, LEED, SASB, CDP, etc., to streamline data, track certifications, and monitor performance at the building and portfolio level
  • Ensure your buildings meet reporting requirements and maintain compliance with all applicable ordinances and regulations on energy use and emissions

Commercial buildings with ENERGY STAR and LEED certifications have been proven to draw higher lease rates, according to at least one study. And with green building expected to grow in the next few years, these certifications are quickly becoming the norm in the market. Your buildings’ performance toward the relevant industry standards is quickly becoming essential to remaining competitive in the market.

You can learn more about Enel X’s energy intelligence software for commercial buildings here, as well as Goby’s solutions for sustainability reporting here.

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Authored By The Goby Team

Goby, an Enel X partner, is the leading energy management, sustainability reporting, and invoice automation platform for the commercial real estate industry.

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