How to Turn Your Industrial Energy Program into a Competitive Advantage [Webinar]

As growing internal and external pressures continue to drive urgency for improved energy management capabilities, many industrial and manufacturing companies find themselves limited in their ability to derive the full value from their energy strategy.

The new strategy brief developed by Enel X, PwC, and Winston Strategies lays out how “a company’s approach to energy and carbon emissions now directly impacts its cost structure, its risk profile and resilience, and its brand value with customers, employees, and communities.” However, the lack of resources and in-house expertise make it challenging for energy teams to plan and implement a strong roadmap that achieves their company’s energy goals. A 2015 survey conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group found that while 90% of managers at businesses worldwide said a sustainability strategy is essential to remaining competitive, just 60% said their organization has a strategy in place.

So how can you ensure your industrial energy program is helping your company become more competitive?

Join us on Wednesday, September 15 from 1:00–2:00 pm ET, for an overview on what a best-in-class industrial energy management strategy looks like. Having supported energy management practices and strategies at many industrial and manufacturing businesses throughout his career, Jay Zoellner, Managing Director of Industrial Solutions at Enel X, will share his insights on the ins and outs of successful industrial energy strategies.

You’ll learn:

  • Why energy impacts the bottom line for industrial enterprises more today than ever before
  • A simple three-step process for assessing, designing, and implementing an industrial energy program
  • The five critical success factors for your program and how to achieve them

From the initial analysis that identifies areas of strength and opportunities to designing a personalized solution that works for your business, the webinar will provide actionable insights for implementing a comprehensive energy strategy that creates long-term business value.

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Authored By Cristina Daroca

Cristina is a Marketing Manager at Enel X where she is responsible for targeted marketing programs that drive customer engagement.

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