Webinar: 10 Terms You Need to Know When Negotiating Energy Contracts

One of the most common obstacles that we’ve seen our customers face in developing an effective energy procurement strategy lies in the language in the energy supply contracts themselves. This is true both in organizations with sophisticated energy management teams and those where energy procurement is handled among other procurement activities.

Quite simply, those tasked with energy procurement are not necessarily legal experts, while the legal experts may not be well-versed in the nuances of the energy markets.

However, there are ways to protect your organization’s bottom line over the course of the agreement.

Join us on Wednesday, October 4, for an Energy Manager Today webinar, in which Enel X Director of Energy Procurement Ryan Park and Energy Procurement Manager Jonathan Lee will review the 10 most import terms in your energy supply contract.

You’ll learn:

  • What supplier management really entails
  • How your procurement partner should qualify the suppliers competing for your business
  • The 10 most important terms and conditions in your energy supply contract
  • What leverage you have in the contracting process, and how to exert it

This Energy Manager Today webinar will break down what you need to know when negotiating energy contracts
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Authored By Charles Benisch

Charles is the marketing manager for energy procurement services at Enel X.

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