Webinar 3/28: Energy Missteps to Avoid in Texas

Large energy users in Texas face a number of unique challenges.

Many businesses in the state miss opportunities to reduce costs when securing energy supply contracts—which is especially concerning given that recent signs in the market are pointing to volatile electricity prices in the near-term.

Similarly, the complex market for demand response (DR) offerings in Texas can make it difficult for businesses in Texas to determine the best fit for their facilities, resulting in many organizations locked into DR contracts that leave thousands of dollars on the table.

On Wednesday, March 28th, Energy Manager Today will host a live webinar where Enel X's ERCOT Demand Response Director Steve O'Neill and Senior Energy Analyst Jason Hughes will lay out some of the most common—and most serious—energy strategy missteps to avoid in Texas.

The discussion will cover:

  • What generator options are available for demand response, and the best (and worst) ways to finance them
  • The differences between Emergency Response Service (ERS) and Load Resources (LR) DR programs, and how to maximize your earning potential
  • Texas energy market fundamentals, and the best way to create competition for your supply business
  • How proactive peak demand (4CP) management can save you an additional $45,000 p/MW each year, and how to make it easy 

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Authored By Charles Benisch

Charles is the marketing manager for energy procurement services at Enel X.

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