Webinar: How CRE Businesses Get Value from Smart Building Investments

Today's commercial real estate businesses (CRE) face a variety of options for solutions that can maximize their buildings' profitability and improve comfort for their tenants.

While executives at these businesses recognize the potential impact these solutions can have on their buildings, they also remain wary of investments in "technology for the sake of technology," according to a new Navigant Research report based on surveys of executives at CRE businesses worldwide. To ensure they get the full value out of their investments in smart building solutions, the executives who responded to Navigant Research made it clear that these solutions need to accommodate the unique challenges in their buildings and provide actionable information that employees across the organization can use to make an impact.

"It is about how tech is used," one respondent said. "The system is not the value, but how does it put pieces together for informed decisions and action."

On Thursday, June 29th, Navigant Research Principal Research Analyst Casey Talon will moderate a live panel discussion to dive deeper into the report’s findings and identify how successful CRE businesses approach smart building technology. Enel X Regional Sales Manager Kevin McSweeney will join the panel alongside ENTOUCH CEO Greg Fasullo and Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions North American Director of Sustainability and Innovation Richard MacIntosh.

In the live webinar, the panelists will:

  • Break down the findings in Navigant Research's report 
  • Provide insight from their experiences deploying smart building solutions across a diverse range of businesses
  • Discuss how their partnership has impacted energy efficiency and operations for their customers

Watch this webinar recording to see how businesses are approaching smart building technology
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Authored By Colin Neagle

Colin is a marketing manager for Enel X North America and editor-in-chief of the EnergySMART blog.

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