Webinar: Simplifying Energy-as-a-Service for Commercial and Industrial Energy Users

In the energy management world, the term "Energy as a Service" has been difficult to ignore in the past few years. While many seem to agree that it is the "next big thing" in energy management, many commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users remain unclear on what exactly the concept means for them.

Is Energy as a Service a product in and of itself? What does this approach entail for energy users? What kinds of organizations are embracing it, and why?

In an already complex energy landscape, this kind of uncertainty only makes it more difficult for C&I energy users to understand their options and make informed decisions. The irony is that, when done right, an Energy-as-a-Service approach actually simplifies energy and makes it easier for businesses to achieve their goals.

On Tuesday, October 30, Energy Manager Today will host a live, 15-minute discussion that aims to simplify the Energy-as-a-Service concept and help C&I energy users understand how the approach works. Energy Manager Today Vice President and Group Publisher Tim Hermes will lead a one-to-one interview with Christian Weeks, Vice President and General Manager of Flexibility Solutions for Enel X North America, that will cover:

  • Why Energy as a Service has emerged so rapidly in recent years
  • How this approach works between C&I businesses and solutions providers
  • What kinds of organizations and projects have benefited from this approach

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Authored By Colin Neagle

Colin is a marketing manager for Enel X North America and editor-in-chief of the EnergySMART blog.

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